How to Push Your Indie Music Career to the Top with Spotify Playlists

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It’s perfectly understandable to think that hard work and passion will get the job done when it comes to boosting a musical career. While hard work will undoubtedly pay off, modern technology provides opportunities to take advantage of specific platforms to get the job done faster. After all, there are plenty of people who are […]

It’s All in the Playlist: How Spotify Can Help Boost Your Musical Career

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A lot of people think that getting your musical career off the ground involves a great deal of luck alongside hard work and passion. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only reason that many have such an idea is the fact that many talented musicians are relatively unknown, while quite a few […]

The Aspiring Artist: How to Cement Your Career in Spotify

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The road to success is often paved with failures, and it is through each failure that people often adjust their plans for success. The formula remains the same throughout many industries all over the world, but things take an interesting turn when it comes to the music industry. While you will experience your fair share […]

How to Kickstart Your Career with Spotify Followers

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Many people would think that with enough talent and hard work, just about anyone can make it in the music industry. While it’s true that hard work will always pay off, it doesn’t mean that it will pay off at a reasonable timeframe. It isn’t still enough to have passion and talent – sometimes, you […]

How to Make the Push For More Spotify Plays

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There is no denying how challenging it can be to make your way as an aspiring indie artist. It’s a highly competitive industry, after all! There are so many people out there clamoring for the attention of your potential fanbase, which can lead to problems of irrelevance for those who have the talent to get […]