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5 Amazing Music Streaming Services for 2022

Streaming is the most practical method of listening to your favorite music without sacrificing sound quality. To determine which services offer the best value for your monthly dollar, Buy Social Today tested out the market leaders, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Let’s look at the best music streaming services for 2022.


Undoubtedly the most well-known service, Spotify is a pioneer in the music streaming field. It provides several carefully selected music discovery services, including Discover Weekly and Stations. The corporation’s focus on podcasts has also increased its non-music programming.


  • The free version is remarkably robust.
  • Connecting to wireless speakers and AV receivers are made easier with Spotify Connect.
  • You can easily create your playlists and sync them for offline listening. 
  • contains podcasts now
  • Spotify Monthly Listeners are increasing


  • The free service’s advertisements can be bothersome.
  • In the free tier, just a mix based on the desired music is available for listening.
  • Not a lossless choice
  • Podcasts are starting to take precedence over music in importance.

It is best for the people looking for a reliable all-around service, especially those who enjoy creating, browsing, and sharing playlists for various situations.

Apple Music

Apple Music trails Spotify in terms of subscribers, but it outperforms its competitor in a few crucial areas. It has a user-friendly interface, supports iOS and Android devices, and has access to over 90 million tracks. Spatial audio albums are available without additional cost, but the rest of the collection dwarfs them. It is superior to Spotify as a standalone service, even if it lacks the extensive sharing features offered by Spotify.


  • For your $10 monthly fee, you’ll get spherical and high-res audio.
  • Adds songs you don’t own to your iTunes collection and gives you a selection of music lockers
  • Based on what you play, human music experts and algorithms assist suggest music you’ll like to hear.
  • You may choose what you hear or look for new music using Siri on Apple Home Pod or other Apple devices.


  • The Android app and experience are less enjoyable than those on iOS.

It is best for those who are deeply enmeshed in the Apple universe or who only seek exceptional value.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Millions of lossless music and more than a thousand “spatial” remixes are now available through Amazon’s Music Unlimited service. It may be played on Android or iOS devices, Dolby Atmos sound bars, the Amazon Echo Studio, and other devices. The new design is more powerful, with playlists, genres, and podcasts accessible from the home page.


  • If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it will be less expensive than the top three.
  • Automatically, lyrics appear on the “now playing” screen.
  • Free high-resolution and spatial audio from Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos
  • provides free music streaming services for Amazon Tap, Echo Dot, and Echo (includes ads)


  • There are no biographies in the artist profiles
  • A music locker is no longer part of the service.

Good for the members of Amazon Prime who wish to spend less money on a good music selection and higher-quality streaming.


In contrast to Tidal, Qobuz also provides high-resolution audio streams, and you can listen to them without a special MQA decoder. They can sound fantastic on a high-end music system or an Android phone.


  • The app is well-kept and enjoyable to use.
  • The ability to play 24-bit music without a dedicated decoder
  • One of the more inexpensive high-resolution services
  • Provides a download store


  • There may be some blanks in the list.
  • Lacking spatial audio

It is good for audiophiles who desire affordable high-res music with the option to purchase and download albums.


Tidal, which Jack Dorsey’s Block partially owns, has recently made some significant modifications, including adding a free tier that goes by the name Tidal Free. Additionally, the firm provides the $20 Tidal HiFi Plus tier and the $10 Tidal HiFi plan, which include lossless playback.


  • Dolby Atmos surround mixes are among the high-quality music streams available.
  • A lot of video material, including live streams of concerts
  • The free tier has artist spotlights, record reviews, and profiles on every page, while its top tier pays out for favourite musicians.


  • The web player and smartphone apps aren’t as user-friendly as some others.
  • The selection is less extensive than Spotify Premium’s
  • The majority of high-resolution music uses MQA, which requires a specialist decoder.

It is best for people with a passion for music who are concerned about finding new, emerging musicians.

How to Pick the Ideal Music Streaming Service?

Check if the music streaming service you’re considering joining features your favorite performers. The audio quality is a further point. Many of the top music streaming services on this list have improved the caliber of the songs they offer over the past year, with Apple Music and Amazon Music HD introducing high-resolution audio to their platforms. For additional shopping tips and fantastic offers, contact Buy Social Today.