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Alternative Methods to Buy Spotify Plays

If the notion of purchasing streams in this manner does not appeal to you, there are still other alternatives to utilizing bots to maximize your playtime. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Spotify ads: This is a more expensive method than deploying bots, and it may take much longer to accumulate the same number of views. The views you receive, on the other hand, will be organic views from genuine individuals, which will help you expand your following rather than just your stats.
  • Other ad networks: This alternative may be less expensive than Spotify ads because ads on sites like Instagram and Facebook do not have a minimum spending cap as Spotify does. Users are less likely to interact with the adverts, though, because they are not normally in the mood to listen to music, as they would be on Spotify.
  • Influencer marketing: Several influencers may accept payment in exchange for promoting your song to their followers. Because the quantity of views is not guaranteed, this type of marketing is not as safe as other types of adverts. It can, however, be incredibly effective, particularly on TikTok, where many of the most viral songs of recent years initially went viral.
  • Spotify Discovery Mode: Though this isn’t the same as paying to improve your views, Spotify will push your streams more if you accept a lower royalty. In essence, you’re giving Spotify a larger cut of your income in exchange for suggesting your tunes to more listeners.

Benefits of Buying Spotify Plays

You may be wondering if buying Spotify streams is the appropriate approach for you now that you know how.

Purchasing plays is a quick and easy approach to earning success and credibility with your audience, which is not available anywhere else in the music industry.

So, how do the advantages and disadvantages stack up?

Buy Spotify streams have various advantages, some clear and some not so obvious. These are some examples:

Improved visibility

With more streams on your account, your music will be suggested to more people and added to more playlists. More people will hear your music if they are exposed to it. With some luck, your music may even reach major industry recordings and companies.

Improved reputation

When a prospective fan visits your artist page, the greater the numbers, the more probable they are to click. There’s a reason why a list of your most streamed music is one of the first items on your profile.

Increased growth

The initial few months or years of a musician’s career are by far the most difficult. If you can increase your numbers early on, you can avoid months of waiting for people to discover your music and get organic streams.

Time savings

When you buy plays for your tracks, you avoid having to spend time marketing or interacting with other artists in order to increase your numbers. Instead, you may concentrate on creating and developing your music, as well as putting more information out there for your audience.

Improved performance

Higher numbers on a track result in the Spotify algorithm promoting it to new listeners and including it in personalized playlists and ‘Similar Music’ it generates. As a result, your music can stay on top trending lists for a longer period of time than it would have without this boost.

So far, purchasing streams appears to be a fantastic idea! However, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of.