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Be popular: upload stream and promote on Soundcloud!

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and music-sharing website that lets its users upload, promote, and share audio. It also has a digital signal processor that lets listeners stream audio. SoundCloud is one of the biggest music streaming services in the world. It was started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, and it is now available in 190 countries and territories.

  • For listeners, it’s a way to find new music from up-and-coming artists.
  • For musicians, it’s a place to show off their musical skills.
  • It lets music lovers put together playlists of songs for other people to enjoy.

How SoundCloud streaming works

Your Stream keeps you up to date on the people you follow. Their new tracks, playlists, and reposts will be shown in order from newest to oldest. There, as well as on your profile, your own posts will also be shown. When you sign in to your SoundCloud account on the web or with our apps for iOS and Android, you will automatically go to the Stream.

Your music is how you sell yourself.

Even though bad music can be promoted, it will never pass the ultimate test, which is what the public thinks. No matter how much PR or marketing you do for a song, if it’s just average, nobody will want to listen, and you won’t get plays. Never forget this golden rule of music promotion: your music is your marketing. You don’t just market music; it’s also a part of the process of promoting it.

Make sure your profile has a good bio.

Make sure your release and profile are as good as they can be before you even try to get people to visit them. You can think of it as a funnel. When someone looks at your profile, you want them to do something, like follow you or find you on another platform. For us, getting someone’s personal email is one of the main reasons we look at their profile.

Just make sure your profile has a friendly bio, a link to your other social media accounts, and a personal email address. We suggest that you always keep a personal email, not just one from a manager or booking agent. This could lead to some interesting chances that you can always tell the right person about.

Use proper tagging and genre

Make sure to use the right tags for your music so that it is easier to find. Think of it as figuring out what search terms people would use to find your release. You can list one to two genres, the bpm and/or keys, the name of the artist, the mood or season, etc. The important thing is to combine this with a good album cover that will catch their eye and the other tips in this article.

Share and help other people

Helping musicians on Soundcloud is the best way to get their support. So, we suggest that you re-post your favorite releases, or you can make different playlists and use the link in your bio to get more people to listen to them. You can now add a comment to reposts, which is a great way to give your own opinion on a track. Think of Soundcloud as a feed for music, and make it a list of great tracks, just like you would with a beautiful Instagram feed.

Keep putting up music as often as you can.

Keep up with comments and reposts so that your profile name and picture are shared and seen by people all over Soundcloud.

Send messages to some artists you like or who make music that is similar to what you do. Send them a song you made and tell them that their music inspired you to make it and that you’d like them to listen to it. Don’t ask for feedback, though, until you hear back from them, if they even do. Lots of people try to do this. So you have to mean it when you say you just want them to hear it out.

Grow your account on its own.

For your account to grow naturally, you need a paid service. Buy SoundCloud plays from a trustworthy site without breaking the bank. You can also buy soundcloud followers if you don’t want to do this. Go to some reliable sites that offer different packages that guarantee a certain number of plays, followers, likes, comments, and reposts.

Customers must be able to get a lot of benefits from the site, such as a money-back guarantee and customer service that is open 24/7. This means that you can grow your account without having to spend a lot of money.


I hope the article was fun to read. From now on, it will be normal for people to hear your music all the time. Leave the old way of doing things behind and put your money into something useful. Pick a site and get more people to listen to your music.