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Best Practices and the Top 3 Strategies for Marketing on TikTok

Whether or not your company targets the millennial generation, jumping on the TikTok marketing bandwagon as soon as possible is a smart move. TikTok, which began as a platform for sharing comedic short videos, has quickly become the most popular social networking app in the world.

TikTok, formerly known as, has been downloaded 2.6 billion times since it was acquired by the Chinese firm Bytedance. Its user base has skyrocketed to 1.1 billion during the peak of the 2020 pandemic.

 TikTok videos are 15 seconds long but may be edited together to make longer clips of up to 60 seconds. Video editing tools include the ability to add music and transitions to user-created clips.

Read on to discover the benefits of TikTok advertising for your company.

Does TikTok Allow Monetary Gains?

Brands can monetize their TikTok marketing efforts by increasing their audience size with viral content, recruiting influential users to spread the word about their products, and buying ads on the app.

Businesses often disregard TikTok marketing because of the platform’s reputation and its overwhelmingly young user base. Experts in social media marketing, however, warn against targeting people so young, as many of today’s most popular social media sites got their start as passing fads among the young.

The most active social media platform is TikTok. Users check TikTok eight times a day on average and spend roughly 45 minutes per day watching videos and browsing the app. Because there are so few companies using the service at the moment, you should have little trouble making a name for yourself.

  • Expand your brand’s visibility on the platform.

When trying to increase your company’s visibility on TikTok, the best strategy is to provide engaging marketing material specifically for the platform. Those who wish to reach the platforms younger demographic must become familiar with its user base and the types of material that appeal to them.

  • Learn More About Recently Popular Material

The TikTok app itself is a good place to start if you’re stuck for ideas. If you want to find out what’s popular right now, you can use the Discovery page. TikTok’s search bar will suggest hashtags as you type to help narrow your results. The TikTok algorithm guarantees that users will be exposed to your work if it is based on a hot hashtag.

Ideas for blogs can be generated in the same ways as for articles, by considering the issues faced by your target audience or the themes in which they are most interested. To find out what your viewers want to watch on TikTok, though, you should always poll them.

You can’t go wrong by including either pets or kids, two of the most-liked features on TikTok. Put your true self forward and issue a TikTok challenge to your friends or challenge them to the one you’ve already created.

Expose the real personality of your brand. The majority of TikTok users are millennials and they choose brands that are both risky and real. TikTok hashtag challenges are a great opportunity to be authentic and show off your brand’s sense of humor.

  • Make the hashtags used in challenges easily searchable.

Branded content creation on TikTok is unique compared to other social media. As long as an account provides stuff viewers like, there is a decent probability that it will acquire attention and go viral, TikTok users (also called TikTokers) generally don’t care about an account’s popularity.

You don’t have to be able to dance smoothly or make high-quality movies to perform well on the platform. You can promote challenges on other social media channels by linking to your popular TikTok account. If you want to grow your TikTok audience, you can also send invitations to your followers.

Make a custom hashtag and tell your followers to use it; then, frequently repost the greatest material found using that hashtag. The people that follow you will be grateful.

The second tactic for promoting on TikTok: Work with popular users as a team.

When promoting on TikTok, small businesses now have the option of collaborating with influencers to produce branded content. Eighty-six percent of businesses have utilized influencer marketing to increase brand recognition or sales; you can do the same on TikTok.

Top content creators on TikTok make millions of dollars from advertising and sponsorship deals, and thus influencer marketing has become an integral element of the app’s economy. Brands can build marketing campaigns, get access to influencer data, and network with TikTok’s top influencers all within the Creator Marketplace, TikTok’s own influencer marketing platform.

  • In a positive turn of events, influencer marketing can help small firms.

You shouldn’t always go for the most visible candidates. Micro- and even nano-influencers can be useful allies in your quest for success. It’s possible that these independent creators will generate more interest in your brand than their more well-known competitors.

If you want to work with influencers, you should begin by searching for relevant material on TikTok and compiling a list of TikTokers that you think would be a good fit for your brand.

TikTok stars can help promote products and services by doing a variety of things, including:

  • Creating a video to promote your product

Including a link to your site or product in the video’s description

including a link to your goods in the video’s description

Send an influencer you’re interested in working with a message if you find one who seems like a good fit

Third, while marketing on TikTok, it’s important to buy followers strategically.

You need a plan before you spend money on followers. Buying followers is only useful if the people who follow you are actually interested in what you have to say and will contribute to the growth of your account through interaction. Due to the prevalence of bots and false profiles, it is important to investigate your options before making a purchase of followers.

Collaborating with other influencers, companies, and enterprises is possible when you have a sizable following. You may increase your TikTok following and potentially monetize your account by taking advantage of these possibilities. Having a sizable fan base on TikTok can lead to promotional deals, brand ambassadorships, and other collaborations. There are ways to earn money from your TikTok account with these options.


With a TikTok Pro account, you can look at analytics to find out more about your audience, figure out the best times to post and find out what kind of content your TikTok followers like, and invest in buying TikTok followers that are real.

Whether or not your business is geared toward younger people, if you don’t include TikTok marketing in your brand strategy, your business will lose out.