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How to boost Spotify plays?

Like any other medium, whether radio, TV, physical sales, or live shows, the music you’re putting out there plays the most prominent role in its success.

Spotify is one of the most prominent players in the current music industry. Many artists struggle with how to get more plays and build an audience. No secret hack will give you instant success on Spotify overnight. But, there are several tactics you can utilize to ensure your music reaches as many people as possible.

what those tactics are and how you can utilize here are some tips to boost Spotify plays

● Write substantial Songs

● Make Your Music Is as Good as nothing Out There

● Plan to Get Your Music on Spotify

● Claim Your Profile on Spotify for Artists

● Promote With social media

● Embed It on Your Website

● Release Content Consistently

● Utilize Pre-Saving

● Submit To Spotify Playlists to Boost Spotify Plays

● Write substantial Songs

We can’t stress enough how important it is to spend time on the writing process. But it would help if you wrote a good and substantial song that will grab the listeners’ attention as soon as it comes on.

● Make Your Music Is As Good as nothing Out There

Once you have a well-written song, the next step is to ensure it’s appropriately recorded. Once again, there’s so much music on Spotify, so having a professional-sounding recording can only increase your chances of getting more plays.

● Plan to Get Your Music On Spotify

Many artists don’t know how to make their music available on Spotify. The secret to releasing your music on any streaming service is what’s known as a digital distributor. Two of the most prominent digital distributors are DistroKid and CD Baby.

 Claim Your Profile on Spotify For Artists

Claiming your Spotify profile through Spotify For Artists is extremely important. This allows you to customize your artist page on Spotify with photos, a bio, and upcoming concerts. It also gives your account a blue “Verified Artist” checkmark, adding extra worth to your Spotify Profile.

 Promote With Social Media to Boost Spotify Plays

Spotify and social media go hand in hand. Social media followers know where they can find your music on Spotify significantly impacts getting more plays.

● Embed It On Your Website

It can embed a song, album, or playlist into your site. This allows users who are subscribed to Spotify to stream your music directly from your website. Suppose they don’t use Spotify. It also gives 30-sec demo to choose a video to ply or not. Spotify also offers a Follow Button Generator to create a button for your website to easily allow fans to follow your Spotify account.

 Release Content Consistently

Content is king in the current music industry and one of the keys to getting more plays on Spotify. People can get bored and quickly forget about an artist without new music to keep them invested. You’re better off releasing several singles over several months rather than an entire album all at once. Always give fans a reason to keep checking you out,

● Utilize Pre-Saving

Pre-saving is Spotify’s version of pre-ordering music, and although it may seem irrelevant at first, it plays a significant role in helping you get more streams.

 Submit To Spotify Playlists

Playlists are a big player in increasing the number of streams your music gets on Spotify Plays. If you don’t submit it, there’s zero chance you’ll get it placed. So, it’s better to offer and hope for the best than to do nothing.


Spotify has a lot of tools, such as Spotify For Artists, social media sharing tools, embeddable players, pre-saving opportunities, and Ad Studio.

Playlists are another powerful tool for increasing your streams, whether they’re official Spotify curated playlists, independent playlists, or ones you make yourself.

Of course, this is only useful if the content you’re releasing is high quality. So, spend time writing good songs and invest in high-quality recordings. Doing this will ensure that people listen to what you have to say once they discover you.