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How to Download Music from Spotify: The Ultimate Guide to Offline Listening

Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite Spotify playlists while traveling, exercising, or simply relaxing without worrying about internet connection or data usage. Offline listening makes all this possible! This ultimate guide will walk you through the process of how to download music from Spotify for offline listening, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Spotify’s downloading capabilities and set up your account for music download.
  • Easily download music on the Spotify app, locate downloaded songs, and organize them with playlists.
  • Maximize offline listening experience by adjusting audio quality settings. Troubleshoot common issues such as incomplete or failed downloads to ensure successful downloads.

Understanding Spotify’s Downloading Capabilities

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Spotify enables users to download songs for offline listening, granting them the ability to listen and enjoy their favorite tracks even without an internet connection. This is only possible with a Premium account however. This version allows up to 10,000 Spotify tunes across 5 different devices. It’s not feasible to directly convert these downloads into MP3 format as well.

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There are many advantages of downloading music from Spotify- particularly considering its free variant – when it comes down managing your library while traveling or in areas where cell coverage isn’t available, offline mode can be extremely useful yet storage space on any device remains preserved due at least partially to careful song management from within the service itself via downloaded content.

Setting Up Your Spotify Account for Downloading Music

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To gain access to downloading music from Spotify, you need a Premium, Duo, Student or Family plan. These plans provide users with the offline playback feature which enables them to save albums for later listening without needing an internet connection. Establishing your own Spotify account in order to download tunes is really easy!

Once all steps are complete, it’s time to unlock all benefits like free music downloads via the spotify platform at any given moment! All you have left now is get creative and enjoy endless library filled with massive collection of tracks & albums.

Downloading Music on the Spotify App

Using the Spotify app for Android and iOS, downloading music and podcasts is easy. Here are some steps to download individual songs.

  • Firstly find the song or album you want in your playlist by looking up either a title, artist or genre of music.
  • Tap on three dots beside it which will take you to an ‘Add To Playlist’ window where new playlists can be created as well as adding more songs.
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  • Next open this newly compiled list using through spotsify app before pressing the grey downward arrow which should be next to each track with icon inside resembling a circle – also known as ‘download button’.
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This causes them all to begin their respective downloads that require no Internet connection once completed apart from occasionally connecting at least one per month so retain favourite tracks/music pieces within the library without losing them out!

Locating Your Downloaded Songs

It’s straightforward to access the songs that you’ve downloaded through Spotify. Simply open the app and pick on ‘Your Library’ at the bottom of your screen. From there, you can tune in to a playlist or an album with tracks for offline playback.

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The process varies when locating downloads on either iOS or Android devices though. If using Apple products, they’ll be found by selecting “Downloads” under “Your Library” while those utilising Androids will have them stored in File Manager under folder titled: “”

Downloading Music on the Spotify Desktop App

In order to download music via the Spotify desktop app for Windows and Mac, users must identify which song, album or artist they want to have.

How to search

After selecting it in the catalog of options on either device’s operating system (Windows 7-10. OS X 10.11+), a user then clicks three dots by its title and selects “Download” – all with relative ease from both types of machines (32-bit/64-bit).

This may take up an estimated space allocation equivalent to nearly 10MB per song once finished downloading through one’s account at Spotify itself.

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Organizing Your Downloaded Music

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The Spotify desktop app provides an easy way to organize and enjoy your downloaded music. By following these steps, you can quickly sort through albums: go into the ‘Your Library’ section then click on ‘Albums’ tab and look for a search bar with sorting options beside it such as title, artist or recently added.

To categorize by album, creating playlist folders is useful in keeping track of songs from different sources. To create one, simply right-click any existing folder/playlist from the left navigation side panel. Select ‘Create Folder’ and give it a name – afterward add specific tunes either using drag & drop technique or choose ‘Add to Playlist’.

Maximizing Offline Listening Experience

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To maximize your offline experience, it is important to understand the limitations of Spotify regarding downloaded songs. In order to adjust sound quality for iOS devices, you should access the Settings menu. Android users can make adjustments following their respective steps. Bear in mind that once a track has been saved on Spotify locally it will only be accessible for up to 30 days and must connect online at least every month so as not to have those tunes removed from your library permanently.

Troubleshooting Common Download Issues

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When encountering Spotify download problems like songs that won’t finish downloading or deleted downloads, keep in mind potential causes such as energy-saving settings being automatically activated and a weak battery. Make sure your device is charged to prevent the power-saving mode from affecting your music files. Mishandling issues can result in losing all of them, so be careful!

For Support on resolving common Spotify matters, explore the troubleshooting part found either on their website or app.

Resolving Download Limitations

Macsome and Ukeysoft

It’s possible to download music from Spotify on up to 5 devices, yet there is an opportunity for one to bypass these limits. Using services such as the Macsome or UkeySoft program (two examples of a spotify downloader) users can now access their favorite tunes and enjoy it beyond the normal restrictions that Spotify imposes.

Dealing with Incomplete or Failed Downloads

Downloading music on Spotify may not always be successful, but fortunately there are ways to prevent this. Making sure your device’s “download using cellular” option is enabled is key in allowing downloads from the app while connected to Wi-Fi. Having it disabled will only allow for downloading when accessing a wireless network. Ensuring that these settings have been configured properly should help ensure smooth and effective downloads of desired tunes.


Overall, Spotify’s offline listening feature enables you to enjoy all your favorite music without relying on an internet connection. By following this helpful guide, you can easily get started with setting up a Spotify account and downloading songs from both the desktop platform as well as the app itself. Organizing downloaded music is simple and efficient while there are also troubleshooting solutions if any download issues arise. With these useful points in mind, one can savor their most-loved tunes anytime or anywhere, even when not connected online!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download music from Spotify to my phone storage?

If you wish to download music from Spotify onto your phone storage, open the app and sign in with a valid Spotify Premium account. Tap on “Your Library” then find an album or playlist of songs that you would like to save. For Android users, activate the Download toggle while iOS owners should hit up the white arrow icon. Once successful, there will be a green symbol visible as confirmation.

How do I rip music from Spotify?

One way of downloading music from Spotify is by using the program Audacity and selecting “CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)” as your Recording Device. Then play the track in Spotify, before hitting record in Audacity to capture it.

Alternatively, you could opt for a Streaming Audio Recorder or create a playlist on Spotify and transform that into one on YouTube to be able to download all desired songs at once.

How do I play downloaded songs on Spotify?

Launch the Spotify desktop app on your Windows or Mac computer, click “Your Library,” select “Downloaded,” swipe left or tap your profile picture, then go to Settings and Privacy. Scroll down to Local Files and switch ‘Show audio files from this device’ on.

You can now access all of your downloaded content in the Local Files folder in Your Library.

How many devices can I download music on with Spotify?

Spotify enables you to get music downloaded on as many as 5 devices. You can download your favorite tunes through this app – Spotify.

Is there a maximum duration for listening to downloaded songs on Spotify?

Songs which have been downloaded from Spotify are only available for a maximum period of 30 days. This rule applies to all tunes found on the internet.