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How to encourage people to follow you on Instagram?

Getting more people to follow you on Instagram can help you spread the word about your brand, build relationships, and bring more people to your business. The number of people who follow you on Instagram doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t active fans who buy things, visit your landing pages, and talk about your brands with their friends and followers. So, in this guide, I’ll show you some free ways to get more followers on Instagram, and I’ll make sure they are the best followers you can ever have.

Put your Instagram on display everywhere.

How will people find your account if you don’t tell them about it? Make your Instagram account listed specifically on social networks & on your website. One of the best ways to be found is to make yourself known and visible. If you want more Instagram followers, you should tell people where they can find you.

• Adding buttons for social media to your site

You could put social media buttons on your website and blog to make it easier for people to share your content across all your networks and find you on Instagram.

• Tell people about your Instagram.

Instagram is being used by Over 800 million people worldwide. That means you probably see Instagram users when you’re out and about. You can get more people to follow you on Instagram by putting links to your profile everywhere. If you have a store, put a sign about it near the cash register. Tell your readers about your blog if you have one.

Promote your Instagram account when you go on podcasts, write guest posts, or do other marketing. If you want people to follow you, you must be willing to let them know you exist.

Buy Instagram followers that are not fake.

There is a big difference between fake and real followers on an Instagram account. You can buy real Instagram followers who share, like, comment, and interact with your posts. Instagram accounts with more followers always encourage more people to look into the account. It may be tempting to buy Instagram followers, but the downsides outweigh the benefits of getting followers naturally. Most of the time, fake Instagram followers:

Trick new followers: If users find an inactive Instagram feed with tens of thousands of followers, it will hurt the account’s credibility. Please don’t lie to people to get them to follow you. For better engagement, build trust and relationships that will last.

Have no return on investment (ROI): It might seem easier to buy followers, but the fake followers you get won’t buy anything. Real followers follow brands on Instagram because they like what you post or your business. These are people who buy things and bring money to your business. So make sure you buy followers from a trusted site that benefits you in every possible way.

Use Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories feature one of the most used parts of the app. Stories get prominent placement in your follower’s feeds and hashtag searches. You should try posting Instagram stories and see what happens. They don’t need to be hard to understand. Perfect content is a simple 30-second behind-the-scenes video or a gif of a happy customer.

• Adding a hashtag

You can add a hashtag to your Instagram story, so be smart about it. Because stories often get more attention than regular posts, posting more stories can help your profile increase in searches.

• Include a place in your Instagram Stories

When you add a location to your Instagram Story, it can be seen by more people than just your followers.

A location page can be for a place or a business. When conducting a search or viewing another user’s post, users can access the location page by selecting the Places tab or tapping directly on the post’s location. If your Story ends up there, many more people could see it.


How do you get more Instagram users to buy things?

One of the best ways to boost sales on Instagram is to offer discounts or free stuff. It’s cheap to get the word out about your products and boost sales.

Can Instagram pay you?

You can make money on Instagram with IGTV ads, branded content, badges, shopping, and affiliate marketing. But creators can also make money from sponsored content, fan memberships, licensing their content, and working as a consultant.


People are becoming increasingly interested in Instagram, so using these tips to get followers will help you reach more people. If you know the ins and outs of the best ways to use Instagram, your strategies will work better.