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How to Share Spotify Playlist: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wanted to share your favorite tunes with friends while creating a remarkable music experience? Spotify has got you covered! This music streaming giant allows you to share your carefully curated playlists with just a few simple clicks. In this ultimate guide on how to share Spotify playlists, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of sharing Spotify playlists using both desktop and mobile apps. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Easily share your Spotify playlists with friends on desktop and mobile apps.
  • Invite collaborators to join a shared playlist or create one of your own!
  • Troubleshoot common issues like broken links & missing playlists, or share music with non-Spotify users.

Sharing a Spotify Playlist: Desktop App

Spotify Playlist (Desktop App)

Sharing playlists from Spotify on your desktop is simple! All you need to do is:

  • Ensure that you are logged into a spotify account first of all, then locate the playlist in the left pane and right-click it.
Sharing a Spotify Playlist
  • There should be an option available where one can either copy or get hold of a link for said playlist as well as embed code to share via websites or social media platforms etc..
how to share playlist
  • Please click “Share”
how to share spotify
  • Final Step…
Share Spotify Playlist

Keep in mind though – only publicly shared playlists may be sent out, so how does one make their own public? Let’s find out!

Making Your Playlist Public/Private

How to make it Public

We can control the visibility of our Spotify playlists by clicking on the three dots beside its name and selecting either “Make Public” or “Make Private.”

Make it Public

Making a playlist public will allow anyone with a spotify account to locate it in search results, while private playlists are visible only to you. After this step is finished, we can then move forward with inviting collaborators for other playlists within Spotify.

Inviting Collaborators

Inviting Collaborators On Spotify

With Spotify playlists, the desktop app offers many collaborative options. To share your list with friends and invite them to collaborate, simply right-click on it within the application and select “Invite Collaborators”, then send off a link!

Click Collaborate to Invite

Those invited can modify tracks or their order without needing any Permission from you. Exploring what else is available through the desktop version of this music streaming service provides even more potential sharing opportunities.

Sharing Options on Desktop

Using the desktop app, you can easily share your Spotify playlists with friends. To get started, right-click on a playlist and select “Share” followed by selecting “Copy Playlist Link” so that it can be shared via messaging apps or emailed to others.

Share playlist to friend

Users have the option of sharing their Spotify lists directly onto Facebook or Twitter – simply click the “Share” button in order to post it! This way everyone will be able to enjoy all of those carefully selected tracks from your unique playlists created through this streaming service.

Sharing a Spotify Playlist: Mobile App

How To Share Spotfiy Playlist

Navigating to the Spotify app, sharing a playlist remains easy! This is how:

  • Open up the Spotify App
  • Head over to “Your Library”
  • Click on “Playlists”
  • Tap into your desired list of songs
  • At three dots located beneath the name of this playlist, hit “Share.”
Spotify Playlist Share On Mobile

For those with Premium account holders, there’s much more potential when it comes utilizing their mobile application for enhancing its sharing capabilities! Let’s take a look at them all now.

Scannable Spotify Codes

Using the Spotify app, you can easily share your playlists with others through their codes. To do so, open up the app and find your desired playlist. Then tap on the three dots beside its name before selecting “Share” followed by “Spotify Code”. This will activate camera access for scanning other devices or sharing with someone else. Just make sure to enable camera usage in Spotify’s settings beforehand!

Sharing Directly to Other Apps

If you’re looking for an easy way to share your Spotify playlist with friends, all you need to do is tap the “Share” button and select which app—whether it’s Instagram Stories or a messaging platform like Facebook—you’d like to use. Your link will be shared so they can conveniently access and listen to the musical selection that you’ve put together!

Sharing Options on Mobile

Whether you’re at home or out and about, Spotify has made it easier than ever to share your favorite playlists! Through the desktop app as well as mobile version, there are lots of possibilities for distributing the link. From social media accounts to messaging apps – all this can be done with just a few clicks from both web player and desktop players. With access like that right in reach, now is definitely an ideal time to get those tunes circulating!

Creating a Collaborative Playlist

Man staring at the Laptop

Creating a collaborative playlist is an excellent way to bring friends closer through music. By managing this type of playlist, different users can contribute by adding, deleting and rearranging tunes so everyone has the chance to influence the selection process.

To set up and manage one of these playlists effectively, it’s important for all involved parties. Each person must be able to view, edit or delete tracks depending on their permission level with respectability towards any preferences in terms of songs being included within that given list overall – allowing them access over multiple other such playlists simultaneously as well if they wish.

Setting Up a Collaborative Playlist

To get a collaborative playlist going, use the following steps: Launch the Spotify app and create or select your desired playlist. Underneath its name, you will find three dots which will allow you to invite collaborators by selecting “Make Collaborative” or “Invite Collaborators”. Share this with your friends so they can add songs of their choice as well as remove/reorder them if needed. With that taken care of, understanding how to handle collaborators should be easy!

Managing Collaborators

Working together with other users on your Spotify playlist is easy. As the owner, you have complete control over who can join and leave the collaborative project. To add or remove contributors to a song in said list from desktop computers, make sure to Ctrl-click (or right click) their username as seen at the bottom of each track display screen once opened up through this app platform. You will then be able to select invite/remove them respectively according to options available within the same context menu popup box that follows suit after such command’s execution!

Enjoy creating music side by side with fellow colleagues via Spotify’s simple collaboration model for playlists like never before!

Customizing Your Shared Playlist

earphone and Smartphone

If you are looking to share a Spotify playlist and make it stand out, personalization is the way to go. To do this, consider changing up its name, adding your own cover image and customizing the description for an extra-special touch. Let’s take a look at how exactly one can go about sharing their playlists on Spotify with friends in mind.

Changing the Playlist Name

Click on the pencil icon beside the existing name of your Spotify playlist to alter it. All that is needed is for you to enter a new one and voila! Your personalized playlist will be ready. Do not worry, this process does not affect any shared links associated with said list either.

Updating the Cover Image

To change the playlist’s cover image, select the camera icon on its current one. Then upload a new file that follows all criteria including 640px by 640px dimensions and JPEG/PNG/GIF formats.

Editing the Playlist Description

You can personalize your playlist. By editing its description with the help of a pencil icon next to it. Simply enter the new text and you will have modified your list!

When done, now it is time to share this customized version that was so easy to create.

Troubleshooting Common Sharing IssuesTroubleshooting Common Sharing Issues

Headphone Blurry Image

At times, Spotify users may run into some hiccups when sharing their playlists. Such annoyances can include playlist links not working properly or being unshareable to those without a Spotify account.

No need to worry! We’ll show you how to sort out these issues so that your streaming experience is problem-free and uninterrupted at all times.

Issues with broken playlist links could stem from the unavailability of local files, an unintended removal of playlists or issues associated with sharing options. To rectify such problems, double-check that your playlist is publicly available, test out the link on multiple devices, and if still unsuccessful, reach out to Spotify support for Assistance.

Missing Playlists

Having trouble finding your playlists? It could be due to a corrupted cache, removed songs by the artist, or even account issues such as a suspension. To help you find what’s missing from Spotify, check the settings on your account and try searching for it there. If unsuccessful with that option too, then contacting customer support would be wise so they can guide you in recovering lost music collections.

Sharing with Non-Spotify Users

You can easily share your playlists with those who aren’t on Spotify, just send them a direct link to the playlist! All they need is a free account in order for them to access and enjoy not only public but also their own individual spotify playlists. By clicking this one simple link, users are able to save lots of time without having any difficulty using or sharing their favourite list of songs.


Sharing your Spotify playlists with friends is a great way to explore music and foster connections. With numerous sharing options across desktop and mobile applications, the possibility of creating collaborative lists as well as customizing shared ones, you can now experience musical wonders more fully than ever before! So don’t wait any longer: show off what you love in music by sharing it via spotify for everyone’s enjoyment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share a private Spotify playlist with someone?

It is possible to share a private playlist on Spotify with a link from the app. The level of access can be managed, even though it remains publicly available and accessible. By using this feature, you keep your own personal list contained while still being able to have other people view or listen as well. With just one simple click within the platform’s application, an individual has easy-accessibility when wanting to hear their favourite music privately only between themselves and whoever they choose!

How do I share Spotify with someone?

To get your buddies involved in Spotify, access the playlist of choice and tap on the three dots at the top. Choose to Share it so you can copy a link that they’ll receive via Messages or Stories.

You could also start a remote group session from below. Just select Invite Friends after tapping down on the screen and let them join in!

Can I share a Spotify song with someone who doesn’t have Spotify?

On the home page, search tab or in your playlists, you can locate and share Spotify playlists with others even if they don’t have a Spotify account. When selecting the item to be shared – click on three horizontal dots above it (or right-click) for those who want access but no subscription. This does mean that without an account someone won’t be able to actually listen since a profile is necessary regardless of listener status.

How do I share my Spotify playlist between devices?

To easily and quickly share a Spotify playlist, all you have to do is open the playlist on your device. You’ll find three dots (…) in the upper right corner of that page, click it to pop up a menu. Once opened, select ‘Share’ and choose how you’d like to send out the link for others to access this same spotify list as well!

How do I make a Spotify playlist public or private?

To adjust the privacy of a Spotify playlist, simply locate the three dots next to its title and pick either “public” or “private”.