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Podcasts for Musicians to Help You Improve on Spotify

Check out these interesting podcasts about the craft and business of making music on Spotify and Increase Spotify plays and followers.

A great podcast for musicians should do three things. Illuminate the creative process, deliver inspiring interviews with kindred artists, and help decode the business. The greatest do a touch of everything while also maintaining a consistent, fun atmosphere. That keeps you coming back for more.

There are many worth listening to. But these — which include our own Best Advice and Song Start — are excellent places to begin.

Sleeve Notes

Sleeve Notes was founded by the London-based music journal The Forty-Five, managed by former NME editor Charlie Gunn. As part of its objective to empower women in music.

Each episode showcases an artist delving deep into the meanings and stories behind each of an album’s tracks. Track by track, using Spotify’s Music+Talk feature and our free Anchor podcast creation platform. Sigrid’s How To Let Go and Kae Tempest’s The Line Is a Curve have both been included in recent episodes.

Creative Juice

This weekly show is from Indepreneur. A resource for independent musicians looking to make a career with their music focuses on marketing. Creative Juice goes into detail on how to implement simple methods that have a large impact. Such as how to maximize your email subscription list and the benefits of posting adverts on social media sites.

Song Exploder

Song Exploder asks well-known and inventive musicians such as Billie Eilish, Gorillaz, and Björk to dismantle one of their songs. It has an intimate, even confessional atmosphere, produced in a “as told by” approach, as the artists take us deep inside their composition, accompanied by host Hrishikesh Hirway. The show has also inspired a Netflix original series of the same name.

The Matador Revisionist History Podcast

Matador, the legendary independent label, has released a slew of amazing records over the course of three decades. Their Music + Talk/Anchor-created podcast, a love letter to indie-past, rock’s features significant musicians like Kurt Vile, Pavement, and Yo La Tengo divulging the specifics of what goes into making their iconic albums back in the day.

Female Entrepreneur Musician

It’s no secret that women face a disproportionate amount of problems in the music industry, and Female Entrepreneur Musician is a valuable resource aimed at helping to eliminate those disparities. Bree Noble, a singer/songwriter and former opera finance director, gets down to business, offering women guidance on anything from personal finances to avoiding burnout.

DIY Musician Podcast

It can be difficult to navigate your music career, but the DIY Musicians Podcast attempts to make that ambition more accessible. Longtime CD Baby employees Kevin Breuner and Chris Robley host the show, which combines their enthusiasm for the art form — both are musicians — with advice from their years working at the digital independent music distributor.

Guests include marketers, venue promoters, and DIY Musician Conference presenters. This show covers topics ranging from refining your Spotify approach to breaking out of a songwriting rut.

And the Writer is

It provides tips for aspiring songwriters hoping to break into the industry on both developing your skill and getting paid what you’re worth. And who better than award-winning songwriter/producer Ross Golan to host it?

The man behind blockbusters like Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” and Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love” sits down with fellow songwriters to discuss their unique songwriting experiences. Along with regular episodes, the podcast publishes weekly updates on all the latest music industry news.

Gab’s Gig

Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent, both from New Hampshire and California, are gig musicians who are still in the trenches. They provide advice from their years of personal expertise regarding everything from insurance to rehearsals on Gig Gab. It’s necessary to listen for artists who perform live.

Switched On Pop

Have you ever been puzzled why you can’t get that tune you heard on the radio out of your head? Switched On Pop deconstructs what makes music’s greatest songs so addictive.

The podcast, produced by musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding, delves into topics ranging from analyzing the melody of Britney Spears’s “Toxic” earworm to delving into the complexities of songwriter copyright.

The Best Advice

There is no better source of peer guidance on anything linked to music than a popular musician who has lived their teachings. Spotify for Artists’ Best Advice podcast is a series of frank interviews with music artists from many genres, such as Prince Royce, Troye Sivan, Charli XCX, Princess Nokia, and others, who share real examples of what they’ve learned along the journey.