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Starting Your Journey as an Artist on Spotify

Founded in 2006 and officially launched in 2008, Spotify is now one of the most popular audio streaming sites or apps. There are around 365 million Spotify users around the world. So if you are a new artist and want to put your music out there, Spotify is a platform to consider. You can create an account and buy Spotify playlist plays. The more plays you get, the more users will notice your music.

How Spotify works

You can create an artist account with Spotify to upload your music and make it available for other users to stream. There are two types of users on this platform, which are the free users and premium ones. You can earn for every stream on your music. So the more plays your music gets, the more you will make.

Reasons to get more plays

You want to get more plays on your music because you will earn for every stream you receive. The cost per stream is not that high, but it would still be something if you get more plays. Spotify artists are paid each month. As of this writing, the average pay per stream that you will get is $0.00437. Although this is not much, there are other reasons you would want to get more plays.

As you get more plays, other users will start to notice you. It will increase your name awareness and your credibility. They will think that you are receiving a lot of plays, so you are probably good at what you do. It will also increase the number of your followers. As you gain popularity, you will get the attention of producers who might consider signing you with their label. It could be the start of your mainstream music career.

How to get more plays on Spotify

You may buy Spotify playlist plays to give you a head start. It could be challenging to make your songs out there as a new artist, so buying plays will be a huge help. However, ensure that you are only dealing with reputable providers proven to deliver a positive result. Besides buying, there are other ways on how to increase your plays such as:

  • Submit your song to curated playlists. Spotify has curated playlists, and some individual curators create playlists too. Submit your songs for a chance to become part of their playlists to reach more users and get more plays.
  • Create your own playlist. You may also create your own playlist. Include other popular songs in your niche to attract the attention of other users.
  • Promote your songs on other platforms. Take advantage of other platforms to promote your Spotify account and songs. Some of these platforms are social media sites and your website or blogsite.
  • Use Spotify Ad Studio. Spotify Ad Studio lets you create a short audio advertisement that will play in between songs. Users will know about your music through these ads.

Joining Spotify and uploading your songs could be your first step to achieving your dream of becoming a famous artist. Buy Spotify playlist plays or do the other things listed above to increase your plays to start earning and making a name.