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YouTube SEO Optimization: 6 Proven Tips For Successful YouTubing

Do you know 45% of marketers are spending money on the optimization of their YouTube Channels? What if you learn this Youtube SEO Strategy and save your time and money? We all know that YouTube is a wonderful marketing platform that is being used by the masses and a lot of YouTubers are always in search of YouTube SEO strategies that can rank their channels and bring some handsome statistics.

Well, if you also fear that you will be lost in the sea of videos, you should get down to this article to get a YouTube SEO boost for your YouTube Channel.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1.    Choose A YouTube Username For Better YouTube SEO That Reflects Your Niche

The first thing is to be very careful while choosing the username for your YouTube Channel. Why? The reason is when you directly send a link to the people, your username will be its part.

Thus, it will create the first impression and people will immediately come to know of your brand.

Let’s be practical;

Your username and YouTube channel name are not the same. However, your username default as your channel title, and reflect the name that appears on your Google Profile, but you can always change it for better SEO.

Basically, the YouTube algorithm supports the channels with a publicly recognized and well-understood username. Moreover, it will also help you to optimize your sharing, manage your channel, and content discovery.

2.    Pay Special Attention To Your YouTube Account’s “About” Section

If you do not know what to include in the about section of your YouTube channel and what is its importance, stick around!

When it comes to YouTube SEO, the About section is something that must be filled with keyword-rich content. It will help you to get YouTube views and ultimately you will get more YouTube likes

Let me explain more!

Keyword-rich information means that you must use concise and precise words to explain the main purpose of your channel, what the viewers can get from it, and what is your upload schedule.

In short:

It should be effective, accurate, and interesting enough to give the viewers the reason why they should watch and subscribe to your channel.

The interesting part?

YouTube will pick keywords and content from this “About” section and use this information to rank your video content higher.

Moreover, the first 45 characters of your About section will also appear in the subsection of the site’s search results.

3.    Fill The Channel’s Keyword Section With Relevant Keywords

It is important to add the relevant keywords in your Channel’s keyword section, but do not go crazy here.

It is totally OK if you add only two keywords.

In this way, Youtube will not only rank your individual videos but also recommend your whole channel.

Putting simply :

It will assist Google and YouTube in understanding what is your target audience and what kind of audience needs your videos.

Cannot find the channel’s Keyword section?

Go to your Channel’s Settings, click on the Advanced section, (Creator Studio> Channel> Advanced), and here you will see the Channel Keywords section. Just add a few of them and that’s all!

4.    Integrate Your Website On YouTube Channel

Hopefully, you have not closed the “Advanced” section of your website.

Here you can see the option to associate your website on the YouTube Channel.


Well, now it is worth mentioning that it enhances the credibility of your brand and also improves the quality of search results, thus optimizing your channel and ranking it.

It is very simple to add your website to your YouTube Channel. All you need to do is to enter your site’s URL and verify the details by inputting an HTML tag or through Google Analytics.

5.    Promote Your Channel To Maximize Views

When it comes to branding, you should pay special heed to thumbnails and profile pictures. The first thing is to learn what should be the right resolution of your profile picture so it will appear appropriately in search results, comments, and your channel’s billboard.

Usually, (1600×1600) images are high-resolution and appear with clarity on all the devices such as mobiles, laptops, and desktops.

Do you know the exact size of the profile photo that Youtube itself recommends?

YouTube supports the profile photo that is 2560×1140 pixels in size.

Well, here is another stunning feature of YouTube as well that will assist you in powerful branding.

This feature known as One Channel Design  Wwhich was introduced in 2013 that allows you to show your interesting content to your subscribers, keeping it very short (only a trailer) for the new viewers.

If your content is powerful enough to captivate the audience, you will observe a huge boost in subscribers, thus getting more and more views and brand recognition.

But listen,

This One Channel Layout branding option allows you to have only one banner with your profile picture on one side and any relevant links on the other side. Thus, avail of this “One” opportunity and learn YouTube Channel art.

A Quick Pro Tip: Download the YouTube Channel art template for any of your devices and make everything even easier. There are a lot of professionals and templates available on the internet that you can download to first-time viewers.

6.    Show The Trailer To Your Viewers

If you are using the One Channel Layout option, you can optimize your channel by sticking the first-time viewers and showing them the most fascinating trailers.

When you make attractive trailers for your viewers, when they will browse your channel, the trailers will autoplay for them. In this way, they will get a quick insight into your brand and want to know more by subscribing to your channel.

You might want to know,

How can I make a stunningly attractive trailer?

Let’s get straight to the point.

  • Use all of your video editing skills.
  • Keep the trailer short of up to 30 seconds.
  • Add eye-catching content
  • Add a strong call-to-action
  • Give your audience a solid reason to subscribe

The best part?

You can add catchy descriptions on the side of your trailer as well.

Then, what are you waiting for?

Immediately go to Edit Layout Option, and choose what’s new for “Existing Subscribers” and what’s for “New Visitors” from the relevant tabs. At each tab, you will find the previously-uploaded video. Now it is up to you what you want to show to the new viewers, and what to keep hidden.

Ready To Optimize Your Channel? 

It is great that you are ready to follow these tried-and-tested tips, but you should always keep in mind:

No matter how many optimization techniques you apply, your YouTube Channel’s Optimization begins with high-quality content“.

Happy YouTubing!