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How to Cancel Spotify Premium: A Step-by-Step Guide for Quick Subscription Cancellation

Knowing how to cancel a Spotify Premium subscription is essential if one wants an easy transition and no extra charges. This step-by-step guide offers insight on canceling a premium plan from the streaming service, whether it be for cost or experimenting with other platforms. Knowing all the steps involved when deleting your Spotify Premium account will help you effectively end your monthly payments while keeping useful facts in mind such as saving money or exploring alternatives available.

Key Takeaways

  • Canceling Spotify Premium requires a web browser and varies depending on device.
  • You CANNOT cancel Spotify premium through the app, you MUST log onto the Spotify website.
  • Downgrading from premium plans must be done before the next billing date to avoid extra charges.
  • Alternatives, data protection tips, and account deactivation should all be considered when cancelling subscription.

The Necessity of a Web Browser for Cancellation

Spotify Login

Log into your Spotify account using a web browser on any device and access the relevant settings to cancel your premium subscription. Be sure you click ‘cancel’ promptly before additional charges are accrued, as it is not possible to do this through the app like other streaming services allow for directly. Canceling one’s Spotify Premium requires utilization of their website instead. Canceling your service provider loyalty program membership online involves a straightforward process. First, ensure you are connected to the internet and log in to your account. Review your membership details and consider the implications of cancellation. Remember, canceling will not alter the facts of your membership history, but it will end your current status and benefits.

To proceed, navigate to the cancellation section. Here, you’ll find options related to terminating your membership. Before making a final decision, reflect on your journey with the service provider and consider if this path aligns with your future needs. Once you decide to cancel, click the ‘Cancel Membership’ button. This action officially ends your membership that began when you first subscribed.

cancel premium

Although the process may feel familiar, each cancellation is unique, and it’s important to stay informed about the specific steps involved.In summary, be mindful of the key points during the cancellation process. This will ensure a smoother and more efficient experience. If you have any doubts or need guidance, refer to the detailed instructions provided below or seek advice from customer support.

Click Cancel

Canceling Spotify Premium on Desktop

Playlist spotify

Spotify Premium users may have different reasons for wanting to cancel their subscription. Ranging from switching services, aiming to save money or simply trying out Spotify Free. It is important to remember that canceling your premium account won’t delete any of the playlists created as you will still be able to access them via other means. To effectively close down a Premium Account, one must contact customer service and request an account deletion which cannot occur through the app but instead requires using a web browser.

Easy step

Start initiating this process by opening up the application on your computer then making sure click into ‘Account’ page followed by tapping on Subscription tab before pressing Cancel Subscription button in order not get charged upon expiration of free trial period.

Easy guide to cancel

Maintaining all other features such as ad-free streaming & offline listening would no longer be available while utilizing mobile devices after cancellation has been done successfully.

Canceling Spotify Premium on Mobile Devices

Mobile Spotify

Terminating Spotify Premium on mobile devices requires a web browser and may have slight variations depending on the device.

Guide to Delete Mobile

To accomplish this, users can go to their account settings via the browser, click “continue to cancel” and then follow specific steps like with Apple IDs where they access Subscriptions from Settings before pressing Cancel Subscription.

How to cancel

After cancellation of premium features, an optional survey might come up asking why you stopped using them. Feedback supplied in these surveys helps Spotify comprehend how they can better improve on current benefits associated with having such accounts going forward.

How to cancel spotify

Downgrading from Premium Plans

Spotify Premium Plans

To downgrade from a Spotify Premium, Family or Duo Plan and avoid any additional charges, follow these steps before your next billing date. Log into then proceed to the ‘Manage Your Plan’ page.

Account Center

Select ‘Change plan’, scroll down until you come across ‘Cancel Spotify’ – click it followed by ‘Cancel Premium’.

Change Plan

If there is a subscription with a third party such as a mobile provider, ensure all necessary account details have been checked so that the subscription can be cancelled too.

What to Expect After Canceling Spotify Premium

After No Premium

When a person cancels their Spotify Premium subscription, the benefits remain active until the end of that payment period. Following this time frame, they will be downgraded to Spotify Free – with fewer features like no offline music downloads or on-demand song playing on mobile devices. It’s possible that access to downloaded content stored in an account could be lost at this point as well. Individuals won’t have to worry about losing any playlists and other data such as followed artists/followers since all those elements are saved even when moving from premium plan downgrading to free version of spotify service.

Deactivating Your Free Spotify Account

Spotify Blurry Page

To turn off your free Spotify account, you need to use a browser and go through the prompts on the web player. If it is not possible for you to locate or execute this action by yourself, then customer support should be contacted in order to arrange deletion of your account.

Spotify claims they erase any personal data linked with an individual when their membership ends, except if mandatory by law. Nevertheless, bear in mind that throughout usage some data such as music tracks played and playlists created may have been logged onto their system.

Historically, there have been several big tech companies caught out claiming they have been deleting data, when they weren’t – cough cough Snapchat cough – so it is possible that some of your data may be stored for longer than you are aware – or even by third parties who bought the data – forever.

Alternatives to Spotify

Friend Of Spotify

When deciding to move on from Spotify, it could be helpful for you to research some alternative streaming music services that are currently popular. For instance, Deezer, Napster, YouTube Music Premium and Pandora or Apple Music with its exclusive releases and high-resolution audio quality as well as human curated playlists, including Apple Music 1.

Each service offers a variety of features tailored to different users’ needs, so if you’re searching for something in particular, make sure to check them out thoroughly before making your decision. With all these options available now might be just the right time for you to find what’s best suited regarding content selection (especially classic albums & compilations) compared to spotify plus better sound experiences too!

Tips for Protecting Your Data and Privacy

Securing your personal data is paramount when using music streaming services such as Spotify. There are several methods to safeguard your privacy, including account settings that allow you to opt out of targeted advertising and request the deletion of any related information. To apply these tools effectively, one must gain access to their account page on the appropriate website where they will find options for adjusting specific controls.

Keeping in mind how important it is to maintain a secure environment while operating with an online service like this has become essential today if we hope keep our private details safe and sound at all times.


Finally, by following this guide’s instructions closely, cancelling your Spotify Premium subscription is quite simple. It’s essential to utilize a web browser for ending the premium plan and disable your free Spotify account in order to maintain confidentiality.

When looking into other music streaming services as an alternative option, it’s important to take time to analyze their unique characteristics and privacy settings so that you can make a decision based on what best meets personal needs or concerns regarding security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no option to cancel Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium does not offer a cancel option directly on its mobile or desktop application. Instead, it might be part of a package from another company like a mobile or internet provider or Apple. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact the third party in order to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel my Spotify student subscription?

If you want to end your Spotify student subscription, log into the account and go to Account. Choose “Change Plan” from Your Plan section then scroll until seeing Spotify Free option. Click on the “Cancel Premium” button. The cancellation will be effective after expiring of the present Discounted Month period.

How do I cancel Spotify Premium?

Log onto, navigate to ‘Your Plan’ and select ‘Change Plan’. Scroll down until you find the option to “Cancel Premium” which will cancel your Spotify Premium subscription when confirmed.

Can I cancel Spotify Premium using the app?

In order to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription, you need to use a web browser, not the app. It is not possible for you to discontinue your premium account by using the Spotify app alone as this specific function cannot be accessed.

What happens to my playlists after canceling Spotify Premium?

When you cancel Spotify Premium, your playlists will stay intact. You won’t benefit from its premium features such as offline listening and an ad-free experience any longer.